Want to know the latest trends in bathroom tiles? There are so many exciting new styles for you to get inspired by and they will definitely spark your creativity. 

From retro patterns to clean neutrals, we have it all laid out for you so you can plan your next bathroom renovation. 

Patterns and Mosaics 

Playing with patterns and mosaics is a nice way to upgrade your bathroom into a stylish space. If you’re someone who’s drawn to eclectic patterns and busier designs, you’re in luck. Bold patterns and mosaics are huge this year, and the bathroom is a perfect place to implement them. 

The best places to incorporate these designs would be in the shower or around the sink. In the shower, you can have mosaic tiled floors or walls that replicate a Mediterranean style, adding a pop of colour and pizazz. As a backsplash around the sink, these tiles are a great accent piece, especially if you choose contrasting colours. 

Let your creativity run wild and your personality shine through! We have so many great options from glass mosaic to printed ceramic tiles

Matte Finishes 

Glossy finishes can move aside this year because matte finishes are taking the reins. From charcoal grey to bright colours, having tiles with a matte finish in the bathroom is super trendy and sleek. It’s also a wonderful modern touch if you’re trying to move away from vintage decor or loud designs. Beige and tan matte tiles are specifically on a lot of people’s lists this year, both for the floors and walls. Especially in stand-up showers, having the floor match and blend into the wall is very aesthetically pleasing.

Apart from style, matte tiles are popular because they don’t show smudges as easily and the low sheen makes them simple to maintain. They offer an understated elegance that will have your guests doing a double take. 

Textured Tile Finishes 

Textured tiles are all the rage nowadays as they offer a unique alternative to printed patterns. They can be rough or smooth, symmetrical or asymmetrical, and they can also be as colourful as you’d like them to be. 

With small glass tiles, you can have them installed around a bathroom mirror or sink to create a 3D experience that looks like a piece of art. If you want something more subtle, then think about incorporating something like unglazed ceramic tile into your bathroom, as it tends to keep the natural bumps and curves of the clay. Textured surfaces make a room multidimensional and create a focal point that will attract the eye.

Large Tiles 

Large tile flooring is a major trend this year. This is because larger tiles tend to be seen as more elegant and also mimic the look of a luxurious spa. Tiles cut into large slabs give off a clean look as the grout lines are more spread out and they make the floors appear less busy. 

You can up the ante by using ceramic or porcelain tile that mimics marble or natural stone flooring for an even more elevated look. The beauty of the natural stone pattern shines through and your bathroom will give off an incredibly luxurious feel, without breaking the bank. 

Start Shopping

Bathroom tile trends for 2021 are fun and exciting, offering both sleek designs and playful styles. No matter what your aesthetic is or how you want your personality to shine through in your home, there’s something for everybody. 

Our inspiration gallery is filled with the most up-to-date tile trends from around the world. Browse through our website and find inspiration for your next project.

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