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EFFECTIVE June 18th 2022

Ledge Of Updates & Changes

*VOLUME 6  Released May 27th 2022 – In Effect June 18th 2022* 

*Ek Statuario Superiore Added~ Jan 12th 2023

*Num and Kaunas Added, Baikal Updated With Beige~ Jan 26th 2023

*Landmark Update with New Tile ~ Feb 13th 2023

*Mirage Added and Manley Added ~ Feb 16th 2023

*Bibury page added ~ Feb 27th 2023

*Rhapsody, Onyx Lux, Ek Onyx White, Azteca Calacatta Hex and Chiara updated ~ March 7th 2023

*Aurora Updated ~ March 13th 2023

*Abitare Studio ~ March 16th 2023

*Staterock Added, Catch Added, Kronos Discontinued, Mapei Products/Groups Updated ~ March 23th 2023

*Catch Updated ~ March 27th 2023

*Trust Update with Decor ~ March 30th 2023

*Updated Ek Bernini, Updated Bibury, Updated Catch ~ April 6th 2023

*Updated Frammenti, Added Dany, Added Esagona ~ April 18th 2023

*Updated Onyx White , Updated Pris Calacatta ~ April 25th 2023

*Gemini Added , Updated Klima ~ April 27th 2023*

*Charme Added , Updated G.Oni ~ May 9th 2023*

*Fantasy Added ~ May 9th 2023*

*New Varmora Added, Baikal Updated ~ May 29th*

*Ital-Cal Added ~ June 5th”

*New Dosun Updated / Page Added ~ June 20th*

*Ek Onyx Black Added ~ June 29th *

*New Dosun Pg3 Updated / Page Added ~ July 4th*

*Toscano Added July 24th*

*Ek Onyx Hex Added Updated + Marble Chic Added + Avignon Added ~ August 1st*

*Ek Series Small Tiles Added + Pizara Updated ~ August 2nd*

*Atlas Updated + Jerica Added + Avant Added~ August 8th*

*Toscana, Jerica,  Ek Onyx White, Allure Updated ~ August 15th*

*Ghent Added – August 24th*

*Allure update, Charme update,  Ek Onyx Black update, Bulevar discontinued – Sept 8th*

*On Stage page Added, Contact page added – Sept 18th*

*Genesis Page Added – Sept 26th*

*Ek Slabs + Ek Series Updates + Wonder page added – Oct 5th*

*Naima discontinued – Oct 12 2023*

*Alexander  Pormos + Alexander Marble Updated – Oct 19th*

*Timeless Page Added, Charmes/Color/Craft/Ethos Updated Codes, Dany/G.Oni Updated – Oct 26th 2023*

*Discontinued: ALLEAF – LEN5107G
9504 – BO2 / 95091 – WH2 + ANTIKA- ACERO/BLANCO/GRIS  + AB by Azule
Canyon  + Decor Tile  + JAVA ZWART
MEMORY + BABYLON (Marfil)  + DYLON(Taupe) + FITCH(51×51)~ Nov 2nd 2023

Discontinue: Windsor – COLD MT, Monopole – MONMAR – LAGUNA, MARMOL- CARRARA15
Street – Nuez/Gris/Perla, Keros – DOLO33GRI / PISAGRIS/ONIX33CAR/ONIX25CAR/LIVO25CUB,
Le Lacche – SABBIA/ TORTORA, Pris Calacatta – 7575(Matte) / – 3060NE (Natural Edge), Fusion – Mosaics + Smoke ~ Nov 7nd 2023

*Dur Imagine Added ~ Nov 20th 2023*

*Osaka Added ~ Nov 21st 2023*

*G.Oni Updated – Dec 5th 2023*

*Flash Updated, G.Oni Updated, New Varmora Removed – Dec 12th 2023*

*Frammenti Update – Jan 11th 2024*

*Wonder Updated, Geo Slabs Added – Jan 23th 2024*

*Update Jerica, Update Mapei, Update G.Oni – Feb 15th 2024*

*Ek Marquina White Added, Endless Love Added, Argos Added, MyWood Added – Feb 26th 2024*

*Brenta Added – Feb 27th 2024*



Sarana Tile has always been at the forefront of flooring by demonstrating a catalogue with industry leading readability. We don’t use complicated icons or shower the reader in unnecessary verbiage, the tiles speak for themselves.  Our catalogue is our life’s work and we make sure to put our best foot forward. We’ve set the industry standard for what information people want and how to simplify the daunting technical details often included.

Browse through pages of our exceptional tile catalogue. A beautiful selection of ceramics, porcelain, glass, and natural stone products. You won’t find an extensive collection quite like this anywhere else! We have a wide range of products to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colours. We are your one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs!


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