Our Catalogue

*VOLUME 5  Released December 10th 2021 - In Effect Jan 1st 2022* 

*Update - Jan 11th - Assuan discontinued, Basketweave Added, Craft Added, G.Oni Pearl Added, Carmen Added, Oyster Added, Glaxia Added. *

*Update - Jan 31th - Update Galaxia, Palatina Onice, Durango, Handmade* 

*Update - Feb 7th - Norland Hex Added, Sarana Trim Price Change*

*Update - Feb 8th -Uyuni Discontinued*

*Update - Feb 17th -Earthsong Added, Hurricane Added*

*Update - Feb 28th - Odessa Added*

*Update - March 2nd  - Keros Updated, Earthsong Updated*

*Update  - March 10th 2022 - MH Black Hex Added, Classica Series Added, Onyx Lux Series Added* 

*Update - March 29 - Charisma Added, Carmen Updateded*

*Update - March 31st - Mapei Pages Updated*

*Update - April 19th - Angelo Added + Oyster Updated*

*Update - April 25th - Kronos Added*

*Update - May 10th - Ethos and Faetano Added*

Sarana Tile has always been at the forefront of flooring by demonstrating a catalogue with industry leading readability. We don’t use complicated icons or shower the reader in unnecessary verbiage, the tiles speak for themselves.  Our catalogue is our life's work and we make sure to put our best foot forward. We’ve set the industry standard for what information people want and how to simplify the daunting technical details often included.

Browse through pages of our exceptional tile catalogue. A beautiful selection of ceramics, porcelain, glass, and natural stone products. You won’t find an extensive collection quite like this anywhere else! We have a wide range of products to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colours. We are your one-stop-shop for all your flooring needs!

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