Bathroom renovations can be expensive endeavours, but they also offer a lot of opportunity for increase of resale value and maximize utility of the space. The flooring should receive special attention though because of how much of an effect it can have on the space. Regardless of whether your bathroom is large or small, it can make a big statement.

Bathroom Tile and Flooring Trends

Homeowners renovating their bathrooms are lucky that there is such a wide range of styles and options of tiles to choose from. The patterns and materials available leaves a lot of room for creativity and self-expression. Below are a few of the hottest trends this year.

Porcelain Tiles: Porcelain tiles have stood the test of time. These durable tiles have been used throughout many different cultures for centuries. It is made from clay which is then baked at extremely high temperatures and glazed. This creates a strong and resilient tile which can last for decades and decades. They are great for a sleek and monochromatic appearance or even be used to create fun patterns.

Ceramic Tiles: Ceramic tiles offer many of the same advantages of porcelain tiles, but with a lower price tag attached. This is thanks to the fact that clay is also a component of the ceramic makeup, along with many other raw materials. They are all baked at a high temperature and the result are tiles which are hard, resistant, and waterproof. While the cost of these tiles is less than porcelain, they do not last as long or can withstand as much wear-and-tear. That being said, they are still one of the most popular kinds of flooring thanks to their practicality and the sheer number of options they are available in.

Retro and Vintage Look: Nostalgia has a strong influence in a number of different trends, and home decor is no different. For instance, coloured tiles can be a fun throwback to eras gone by as can carpeting. They help create a fun and retro environment. It can be a subtle addition to the room or help to create a complete time warp. In the end it is your home, so have some fun with it!

Mosaic: Mosaics are experiencing a resurgence in popularity lately. The first thing that might come to mind for many when picturing a mosaic is one that depicts a scene from history or mythology. Needless to say that this would be a big commitment for a bathroom floor. The truth is that mosaics can be any sort of pattern or design that is created by laying of tiles. White and black mosaics in particular are very popular this year.

Wood Look-aLike Tiles: Wood look-a-like tiles are another newcomer to the scene which is experiencing an astronomical surge in popularity. These tiles are a dead ringer for hardwood flooring but handle moisture better than their inspiration. This means that they can be used in rooms where hardwood flooring has traditionally been considered a bad idea. Bathrooms and basements are no longer off limits to the hardwood look.

Natural Stone: It is clear by this point that natural materials are en vogue for bathroom tile trends. After all, they possess an understated beauty while also offering a warm and welcoming environment. White and black tones in particular are super trendy these days. The differing tones add depth while maintaining a neutral appearance.

Marble: Marble has seen a huge increase in popularity over the past couple of years. From countertops to phone cases, it is about time that the natural beauty and patterns of marble is being properly appreciated. Flooring is the next natural step. It adds elegance and luxury to any room that it is in and is a beautiful feature for a bathroom.

Clean lines: Minimalism made a strong return a few years back, and it looks like it is here to stay! This is especially true when dealing with architectural aspects. By maintaining simple built-in features, it is easier to update decor with the times and changing tastes. Sticking with clean lines will not lead you wrong.

Bathroom Flooring Options to Avoid

Now that we’ve looked at some great options for bathroom tiles this year, it is also important to remember there are a few which should be avoided at all costs.

  • Hardwood Flooring: Ah, hardwood flooring. It is a beautiful and natural option which is well suited for many rooms throughout the house but its notorious downfall is moisture. This makes it a horrible idea for bathrooms and anyone who thinks they have a strategy that could work should think again. Instead consider tiles with wood grain patterns.
  • Laminate Flooring: Some people try laminate flooring as an alternative for hardwood in their bathrooms. This is still ill-advised. Much like the material that it mimics, laminate flooring does not handle moisture well. It will warp as well.
  • Carpet: No one like a soggy carpet underneath their feet. It is unpleasant to feel and will take forever to dry fully. While it may seem counterintuitive, the water also makes the flooring dirtier. While a spot rug is a great idea for a bathroom, a full carpet is not.


Bathroom flooring is an important part of the room and should not be overlooked. It can add subtle elegance to the space or be a statement. Just visit your local tile store for inspiration and advice from the professionals. You’ll find the perfect option for your home!

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