Choosing the right material for your floor is an important decision. It plays a big role in the overall appearance of the room while also needing to withstand foot traffic. Due to this, any homeowner looking at new flooring materials should consider the benefits and disadvantages of each one. Porcelain tiles in particular are a fantastic option for kitchens and bathrooms, and should be considered for these rooms.

The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tiles

1. What are Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are actually a kind of ceramic tiles. This might surprise some people due to the perception of porcelain being a more luxurious material, but don’t let that trick you into thinking that they are delicate! Porcelain tiles are actually made from a finer clay and are also baked at higher temperatures, making them tougher than other ceramic tiles. This makes them ideal for areas that receive a lot of traffic or impact. Porcelain tiles should be used in any commercial space where tiles are called for due to their resistance and durability. If you would like to use them in your home, their benefits would be most utilized as flooring in either a kitchen, washroom or basement.

The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tiles

2. Benefits of Porcelain Flooring Tiles

There are a number of benefits that porcelain tiles offer homeowners. Anyone considering a new floor should look into these tiles for many reasons, including the ones listed below:

  • Life span: The good news about porcelain tiles is that they have an incredibly long lifespan if they are properly installed and maintained. If they are treated correctly,  porcelain tiles can last 50 years in a residential setting. Needless to say, the initial investment in porcelain tiles is worth it.
  • Resistance: We already mentioned that porcelain tiles are highly resistant to damage thanks to the clay and temperatures they come from. This makes them perfect for any busy household. They are tough against pets, children, and any other hobby that you can throw at them.
  • Hygiene: Porcelain tiles have very low porousness, making them easy to clean and disinfect. They are also resistant to stains thanks to this. You don’t have to worry about scrubbing them, because they are easy to clean and keep hygienic. This makes them even more attractive for busy households with children and pets.
  • Fireproof: Finally, porcelain tiles are actually fireproof. It is important to state that this does not mean that the house will be immune to fires thanks to these tiles, rather that these tiles would not feed the fire. They also are able to withstand and survive any smaller fires which may occur within the kitchen.

The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tiles

3. Disadvantages of Porcelain Flooring Tiles

Everything has disadvantages, including porcelain tiles. Before purchasing these tiles for a home it is a good idea to take these disadvantages into account:

  • Weight: Porcelain tiles are denser than other ceramic tiles since they are made from a finer material. While this offers numerous benefits in other ways, it does unfortunately mean that these tiles are heavier than others. The good news is that the weight only affects the transportation and installation process. Once the tiles are installed the weight will not impact the household life.
  • Price: Thanks to the many benefits which porcelain tiles offer, including resistance and lifespan, their price rings at a higher rate than other ceramic tiles. This is no surprise to homeowners though. A higher quality product generally means that the price will be higher as well. The price can even itself out over time though, thanks to its long lifespan; if you only need a new floor once you will save money on new materials and installation.
  • Installation: The weight of these tiles can make the installation process a laborious and time-consuming task. They are also incredibly hard. While this quality gives the tiles a long lifespan and resistant to damage, it also makes them difficult to cut when they have to be fitted to a room. Hiring a professional to take care of the task might be a good idea, but keep in mind that it will substantially raise the overall cost of the project.

4. Maintenance

Another great thing about porcelain tiles is that they are incredibly low maintenance. Porcelain is a strong material which is also resistant to stains, which makes cleaning easy. Disinfecting is the only real concern, but can be easily done with a standard floor cleaner. Mopping with a floor cleaner on a regular basis will keep the floor clean and hygienic.


Porcelain tiles are a great option for a number of rooms throughout the house thanks to all of the benefits which they offer. Any homeowner interested in them should visit Sarana Tile to learn about all its options. These tiles are a great investment which will last for decades.

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