Porcelain Tile Ideas for Your Kitchen

For a beautiful kitchen flooring option that’ll last for decades, you should consider porcelain kitchen floor tiles. It’s hard to go wrong with this choice, especially when they’re available in so many styles and colours.

Its versatility is what makes porcelain tile so fitting for different themes and designs. Follow along to get inspired on how to use porcelain tiles to spruce up your kitchen.

Why Porcelain Tiles Are Perfect For Your Kitchen

Porcelain tiles are one of the most durable flooring options on the market. As a solid and dense tile, it’s capable of withstanding different elements and stresses. Porcelain tile is strong enough to even be used in commercial environments like restaurants and hotels. They’re known to be highly durable and capable of standing up to heavy foot traffic and general wear and tear.

Since porcelain tiles are so dense, they’re more resistant to liquid penetration. They’re also highly resistant to stains and do not harbour germs or mildew. These are important points to think about when choosing new flooring for your kitchen, since there is so much action that happens in this space.

On top of all these benefits, these tiles are easy to clean and maintain. You’ll never have to seal it to maintain its waterproof properties. Additionally, porcelain tiles don’t need to be re-finished or polished.

Time to Talk About Porcelain Styles

Glazed porcelain tiles go through an additional firing process in a kiln to get a layer of liquid glass added to the top. Because of this glazing process, you can find a huge variety of colours and styles. Not only do they look stunning, they’re also highly long-lasting.

For a gorgeous glazed porcelain tile for kitchen floor option, consider one that has a marble look. This tile mimics the luxurious veining that’s inherent in marble – so if you love the look of this natural stone and want the durability of porcelain, this choice is worth thinking about.

Incorporate the warm and inviting look of wood into your kitchen without the high maintenance. With wood look porcelain tile, you can introduce the appealing appearance of wood throughout your kitchen flooring. Unlike natural wood, you’ll never have to worry about water-damage. You’ve also got a wide selection of styles to choose from, such as distressed or light coloured wood-look porcelain tiles.

Add Colours and Patterns

If you’re a fan of bold colours and patterns, then you’re in for a treat with porcelain tiles. With so many options, it won’t be hard to find the right floor tiles to align with your style and preferences.

To make a big visual impact, porcelain tiles with encaustic patterns are your best bet. Encaustic tiles are typically made up of at least two colours of clay – sometimes they may even have up to six colours. With their unique patterns and bold colours, these tiles will surely liven up your kitchen.

Another way to add high impact is with black porcelain kitchen floor tiles. You’ll make a striking statement within the kitchen, especially when you pair dark flooring with light cabinetry. This combination would work well for anyone who loves a more modern kitchen design. If black porcelain tiles sound like the right fit for you, be sure to choose dark grout to maintain a sleek and seamless appearance for your flooring.

Anyone who likes a more warm and earthy appearance might appreciate porcelain tiles with a natural stone look. If you enjoy the look of travertine or limestone, you can capture it with porcelain tile. These types of tiles are available in a range of colours like light grey, beige, and gold. 

Revitalize Your Kitchen

It’s hard to go wrong with porcelain tile for your kitchen floors, since it’s so durable and versatile. Porcelain tiles can cater to just about anyone’s preferences, whether you prefer traditional or modern styles.

Explore your tile flooring options to get started on updating your kitchen.