Luxury vinyl plank flooring is one of the fastest-growing flooring options around the world – and it’s not difficult to see why.

It’s a flooring type that’s typically designed to mimic the look and feel of natural wood, but at a fraction of the cost of what natural hardwood costs. Aside from this, it’s easy to clean and maintain, it’s durable, and it comes in various colors and finishes. It’s waterproof to boot, making it an applicable flooring type everywhere from kitchens to bathrooms to living spaces.

Oh, and did we mention that it looks great? In fact, its looks are a key reason why many property owners repurpose extra vinyl planks around their homes. In this post, we’ll cover some of the most creative uses for leftover panels. Read on to learn more:

Creative Uses for Luxury Vinyl Flooring in and Around the Home

Most homeowners purchase luxury vinyl to install as flooring. But what do you do when there are planks left over? Since luxury vinyl is so nice, you’d hate to discard any leftover pieces. And if you’re a little bit crafty, there are plenty of uses for these materials. Here’s a look at some inspiration for creative uses both outside and inside the home:

House Signs

Whether it’s a decorative address sign, a welcome sign or a sign collage, if you have some common tools and paint, you can get in touch with your inner arts and crafts and create some new decor for your home. Since luxury vinyl is waterproof, these pieces can exist both outside the home (i.e., welcome or address signs) or inside of the home (i.e., sign collages).


Another great DIY project, you can use leftover plank boards to create a headboard for your bed. All it takes is five or six planks, connected to adjoining boards. If you’re going for a rustic bedroom vibe, it could make for a great addition to your sleeping space.

Tables and Countertops

Luxury vinyl can also be used to create tables and countertops – and if you do this in the rooms where it’s also used for flooring, it can really help bring the entire room together. From outdoor picnic tables to rustic dining room tables, pieces can be used for both seating benches and the table part. And while leftover planks may not be the best kitchen countertop, they might make sense in the laundry room, bathroom or other areas of the home.

Wall Accents/Wall Art

Looking to spice up the look of your living space? Leftover planks can make for great wall art and decorative wall accent pieces. You might consider creating a plank wall on one of the walls of your family or living room. Even in the kitchen, you might consider a vinyl plank flooring backsplash. Keep in mind that one of the key benefits of vinyl plank is that it’s waterproof, making it applicable for areas that come into contact with water. It’s also easy to clean, another key feature that could make it ideal for a backsplash.

Other Creative Uses

While we’ve already covered some of the most common ways to use leftover luxury vinyl around the home, there are plenty of other sensible uses. Here’s a look at some other ideas that could make sense for your home:

  • Coasters: Cut the vinyl into smaller pieces to create coasters that match the flooring in your family and living rooms.
  • Liners or boot trays: Create liners for closets or for cabinets, or boot trays for the foyer. Remember, vinyl plank flooring is waterproof, so it’s applicable for pieces or in areas that may come into contact with water.
  • Shelving and bookshelf: From single shelving units that hang on walls for display purposes to full bookshelves that are placed in study rooms, home offices or libraries, extra vinyl planks can present the perfect material.
  • Planters boxes: Take your extra vinyl planks into the garden to create the perfect space for your flowers and plants.
  • Serving trays: Cut down the plank pieces and build a border around them to create a serving tray for your home.

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Luxury vinyl plank flooring is as attractive as it is versatile – and there are plenty of ways to use this type of material beyond the flooring. For more information on the benefits of luxury vinyl plank flooring in the home and to browse different colors and finishes, contact us at Sarana Tile today.

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