From glass, stone and metal, to many combinations in between, Sarana Tile has a variety of unique mosaic tile products that range in shape, format and pattern. Designs are as diverse as subway and square patterns, to circular and hexagon, and all are available in numerous finishes such as polished, matte, brushed and honed.

Below is a list of our current mosaic products.  Please click on any one of them for more information including images, available sizes and pricing.  If you have any questions about our mosaics, please contact us.

Galaxy Glass Pricepage (EN) | Tarification (FR)
Geoscapes Mosaics (Pt1) Pricepage  (EN) Tarification (FR)
Geoscapes Mosaics (Pt2) Pricepage  (EN) Tarification (FR)
Glass Fabric  Pricepage  (EN) Tarification (FR)
Glass and Stone Mosaic  Pricepage  (EN) |Tarification (FR)
Glass, Stone & Metal Mosaic  Pricepage  (EN) |Tarification (FR)
Glass Pricepage (EN)| Tarification (FR)
Global  Pricepage  (EN)| Tarification (FR)
Hexagon/Octagon Porcelain Pricepage (EN) |Tarification (FR)
Mosaic Tiles  Pricepage  (EN)| Tarification (FR)